Friday, July 31, 2009

Crafts are Sew Fun

Yeah, I'm that cheesy. I've fallen in love with sewing. Partially for the fun projects I get to do and partially because it's finally given me a hobby to name when people ask, "so what do you like to do." For years I hated that question because I didn't really have any passions to list. Accounting, despite what some might believe is not my passion. I like it, it's a good living, but it's neither my life nor my hobby. Anyway, here are some of the projects I've been working on this summer.
His and Hers Messenger Bags - Matt picked out his own fabric. Mines the one on the left.

I've finally finished the quilt I've been working on for the last several months. Maybe not traditional but I still love it.

Craft Exchange

I love hats - have for several years now. I especially love felt hats but find they are REALLY expensive. So for anyone who makes felt hats such as those found above, I would love to enter into a craft exchange. Anyone game?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Handouts, handouts, handouts

I am the leader of the Mia Maids (14-16 year-old girls). I think I've mentioned that before. I realize I am still fairly new to this and I haven't been that age in a while but can a woman who's first thought when preparing a lesson is not how can I incorporate a super cute handout still be an effective leader? I don't want to cheapen these beautiful young women's experience but handouts just really aren't me. For those of you who have served in young womens or have had young women in your home can you fill me in? Are you a super cute handout girl? Do you love getting them and/or making them? When are they appropriate and when are they just something extra to be thrown in the rubbish bin?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Booren Family Fun

A few weeks ago the ever expanding Booren clan which now includes Asays, Marlers, and Jones met up in Portland at my parent's house for five days of non-stop playtime. We had bounce houses, and pools, and bows and arrows. We had food and treacherous alpine slides. We had the bi-annual pictures, and enough games to satisfy even this die-hard gamester. At one point during one particularly amusing event my dad looked to me and asked if I was going to blog about it. Unfortunately I have forgotten what that event was so I can't recreate it even with my sometimes eccentric imagination, but the thing that most struck me was how old our little family is getting.

I just finished Little Women for the first time ever and found myself remembering how I, like Jo, yearned, when in high school, to keep my family just the way they were. No one else need get married or move out of the house or get real jobs. We could all stay with my parents and play games and tease each other forever. It seemed like a beautiful plan. But when everyone seemed to be getting married despite my fondest wishes I made a new plan - to be sassy and single and rich with my brother Jared. He was going to work in the PR department for Adidas and I was going to work in their accounting department. Together we were going to have crazy fun with our outlandish escapades. But then he got married and FINALLY so did I.

Now there are 18 grandchildren with one on the way and I find myself really enjoying this stage of life - if only the grandbabies could stay just about this age forever. With a few toddlers, a few teenagers, and tons of children in between having fun and taking care of each other. Why can't time move a little more slowly and children stay between the ages of 5 and 15 a little longer? That is the question I ask to the heavens.

Sorry Dad, I know you were hoping for something a little sillier, but unfortunately I seem to be feeling more sentimental. I hope that's okay.

Oh, and I promise to post more pictures from my recent adventures, just as soon as I get them for the other people who take them!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reader Roll-Call

I realize three posts in one day is a little overwhelming but even so I figured it was time again to find out who is stopping by to check out the blog. I have this neat thing that let's me know where my visitors hail from. So I know where but I don't know who. So even if you've never commented, even if you don't know me, or even if you don't want others to know you read my mind's refuse; leave me a note. If I don't know you, leave a comment introducing yourself and how you found me, especially if you found my site thinking it was going to be something informational about psoriasis. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of my visitors come in for that. You don't have to say this is your favorite blog you've ever read, or how often you check, just let me know you've at least read it once. Also, if you leave me you're blog address I promise to check in on yours and comment on yours as well.

Marler Family Fun

Last weekend was Marler family time in Eastern Oregon. I really enjoy Matt's family, but like girls camp, (see other post) it takes me a little while to figure out my expectations. It's amazing how, although fully functional and loving, Matt's family is almost completely opposite in their dynamic to my family. My family is loud and big and almost inclusive to a fault. They want so much for everyone to be included that if someone wants to have some alone time they feel a little offended (deny it if you can mother). Matt's family is more low key. If you want to play a game, let's play a game, if you want to read a book, read a book. No one will think less of you. It took me a day or so to not take their easy-goingness as we-don't-care-about-you-ness. Once I got over that I found myself enjoying the simplicity of days relaxing with the Marlers. Playing games, taking naps, helping with dinner. It was a wonderful time which left me loving Matt's family a little more than I did before.

Young Women's Camp

I've been waiting to put up this post until I got the official Camp Photo CD (since I'm awful and never actually pull my camera out of its bag) so I could upload some cute pictures of my even cuter young women but since it's been two weeks I figure now is as good a time as any to write about my week.

I went up a day early to help set up and get everything ready for the girls. So by Tuesday morning I was super excited to see them as they drove up. I had only been in my calling a couple of weeks and was anxious as well because I really didn't know the girls or the leaders with whom I would be spending the next several days. I had constantly heard of the great experience to be had by anyone who graces camp but I am prone to setting my expectations high only to be disappointed by the experience not living up to my heart's desires (i.e. every New Year's Eve for the last 15 years).

I am happy that in this instance my high expectations were met and most definitely exceeded. It started out a little rocky as I tried to find my place amongst the leaders as well as the girls. Did I really have it in me to be perky during the morning and evening sing-alongs? What was the proper protocol at bedtime? How was I to be a leader while also having fun with the girls? These were questions I struggled with all day Tuesday. But once I gave up and gave in to the power that is girl's camp I had so much more fun.

It's like going to Disney World. The first day you try to look cool and try to make yourself believe you're only there for the rides. The mickey mouse ears and goofy shirts are definitely not for you. By day three or four you've given up all pretense of cool and all of a sudden you find yourself reveling in the cheesy attire, the personal fans, and everything else that makes up the Disney World ambiance.

That's how I felt about camp. Once I gave up all semblance of respectability I found myself singing at the top of my lungs and doing all the moves to the camp theme song, putting my hair and everyone else's in pigtails, convincing them it was the thing to do, and crying like a baby at Testimony meeting. It was a beautiful experience and I am so excited to do it again next year!