Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny Craft Attempt

Two things I've had for a while - These candle sticks my mother bought for me years ago, and a candle making book I bought while I was still living and loving in Portland. Matthew even bought me a bunch of the supplies I needed for Christmas. But with all of that, it wasn't until today that I finally took them out and decided to try my hand at hot wax.
It all started nicely enough. I melted my wax, primed my wick, added what I thought was enough green coloring, and got everything set to make my very own tapered candles. The problems started when I actually started dipping. I couldn't figure out why my candles weren't getting any thicker despite my best efforts. I did a little more research, tried some other tactics but finally gave up on having anything other than unpretty but fully functional candles.
I don't know if you can tell, but they don't look anything like the pretty pictures in my book. But they were funny so I just had to take a picture and show my "I made that" creations. Maybe I should stick with the less tricky version of melting wax and pouring it in a glass. I think I could be successful at that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everyone Gets to Play

I have often said that we all have unique abilities and experiences that allow us to help others in ways perfect for them. I might not be able to be all things to all people, but just maybe I am able to offer something to someone that no one else can. This was brought home today when I was out visiting teaching. I visit this wonderful woman I love and adore who is struggling through all the agony that accompanies a divorce. She knows I love her, and although I have my own issues that allow me to sympathize with the pain she is experiencing, I don't and hope to never know what it is like to go through a divorce. But my companion I was assigned has. And today I was privileged to witness one person being able to empathize with another in a very intimate and healing way. It was beautiful to see the Lord's hand in action as He put this special sister in contact with the other to help her through her pain. I wish I could put more eloquently the wonder of what I saw, but whoever is reading this, please know you matter intensely to someone else. No one can be the you, you are meant to be.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sharing Friends

This is My friend Susan, me, and my darling little sister Megan. I say My friend Susan even though she is really Megan's age and was Her friend in high school. Because Megan and I are only a year apart and because I had no friends to speak of in high school, I was sometimes allowed to hang out with Megan and her friends, but only with the strict understanding that they were Her friends and not mine. Sister relationships, you've got to love them. Poor Susan was the subject of many power struggles, mostly Megan's since I, of course, was always the most rational and well behaved of sisters. Now, however, Megan freely invites me to join her and her friends on weekend excursions. Susan can now be My friend as well as Her friend and that is okay with everyone.
Thank heavens for maturity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopping with Older Women

These are three of my adorable babes. This is them all pumped to start our shopping extravaganza in Seattle. In total we spent 6 hours shopping in two malls. I'm sure they could have stayed longer but I was quickly tiring and eager to begin the two+ trek home sooner rather than later. All in all it was a fun day. They really are fabulous young women. It was funny though to realize I have taken on my mother's role when shopping.

When I was younger and I ventured out on shopping excursions with my mother, she would inevitably point out clothing she thought appropriate only to meet with looks of confusion and/or disgust from me. "Really, you think I would look remotely cute in that?" my eyes would say.
I just didn't understand how my mother and I differed so much on what was acceptable attire.
I'm not sure I am any closer to a conclusion but I now know what it is to see that look. I'm only 29 years old - I thought I was still pretty hip - but I guess I have now reached the age that I am no longer in touch with the styles of today's youth. I quickly learned to be afraid of pointing out a pair of seemingly atrocious shoes for fear they would think them the cutest things ever. I also didn't know what to say when they pulled out something and asked for my opinion. I wanted to make some snarky remark about the store's buyer being off their rocker when they did their ordering, but instead resorted to an assortment of smiles and nods.
So there you have it. I now have a renewed respect for my mother and her unrelenting kindness in shopping with me despite receiving "the look" on more than a few occasions.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friends who visit

I love friends who visit. I love friends who don't, but I love visitors even if they only stay for a couple of hours. I also love friends who give me at least a few days notice (though I even still love you Hilary). This is my darling friend Leslie who was passing through Wenatchee and decided to stop by for a few hours. It was fabulous to be with her and catch up and remember all the wonderful reasons why I love her. So if you're ever remotely in the area, or are curious as to what makes the Wenatchka so great, stop on by. For a few hours or for a night - we have a really comfy air mattress now!!

P.S. I'd post a picture of my cute in-laws who also came to visit but I don't have a good one of all of us (Mother Marler if you're reading this, can you send some of those? Thanks!).