Sunday, April 11, 2010

We Are . . . Penn State

That's the cheer they gave all weekend long. While Penn State is a supremely large university, the MBA program is not - less than 100 students per class. But what they lack in size they make up in passion for their school. We were overwhelmed this weekend by the loyalty both students and alumni have for their alma mater - the enthusiasm is definitely infectious. We are certain this is where the Lord wants us to be at this time in our lives and could quite possibly be a life changing experience for us. While the physical location is absolutely gorgeous, rolling hills and trees everywhere you look, the energy of the school just takes hold of you and makes you too want to shout, We Are . . . Penn State! So wish us luck. Luck that we'll be able to hold on to that energy and luck that we won't kill or be killed by the drunk underclassmen roaming around cursing like sailors.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yep, this Hospital will do just Fine

I think I've mentioned that Matthew and I will be moving to State College, PA in a few months so he can attend Penn State's Business School. We made the decision, but determined it would still be a good idea to come check out the area. So we flew in a few days ago for admit weekend. Thursday night after going to bed early to make up for the lack of sleep thanks to the red-eye flight we had taken the night before, I woke up with searing pain in my lower abdomen. It felt like my body was being ripped apart. These were no ordinary "monthly" cramps. I can't say I have ever writhed in pain until that night. Matthew was absolutely wonderful when I woke him up crying. He gave me a priesthood blessing and got me to the hospital. He didn't panic, complain, or ask if this was really necessary, but stayed extremely calm and supportive.

After several hours of waiting and tests and waiting and vital signs being registered my very competent doctor came in to tell me that I have a cyst on either ovary and the pain was most likely caused by one of them rupturing. He sent me home with some pain pills along with everything I would need to show my Oregon OBGYN so she can remove them. Whew, what a relief. Not that I am super excited about having two sizable cysts, oh and a polyp to boot, in my body, but after several hours in the hospital I had started feeling remarkably better and had begun wondering whether I had made all of the pain up. It was nice to know that 1. There was in deed something the matter, 2. That it is extremely fixable, 3. It can wait until I can be at home, and 4. Penn State's hospital is well equipped with both pre-heated blankets and kind and competent staff.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Birthday Surprise

My mother is a funny woman. You really can't predict how exactly she's going to react to any given situation. In college when I got a 100% on my Accounting 100 final she replied simply, "That's nice." Nice?! That's all I get? That's nice?!? When I told her I was thinking of moving to Seattle from Boston she about jumped through the phone line to kiss me she was so excited. When I told her I was moving from Seattle to Portland she again underwhelmed me with her enthusiasm. I called her on it. Why was she so excited about me moving to Seattle but not Portland. She gave me some lame excuse about how it's harder for her to get excited about things as she gets older. But, she explained, it's also a lot harder to get her really upset. Life is a trade off, I guess.

So this year, for my mother's birthday, we as her children and husband, decided to get her a new flat screen TV. She's been absolutely pining for one for years but can't seem to justify the expense when she's got a perfectly good TV already. She gave up asking her children for one and started asking instead for donations to her TV fund. She figured that if she saved for a year she'd have enough to buy one for herself for Christmas.

About a month before her birthday, we started plotting out the purchase. Matt and I would be the organizers, Josh would install, and Father would make the final decision on the purchase (since it would it be his TV too). We had it all planned out - all except my mother's reaction. Would she give another lame, "That's nice," or would she really be excited?

On the morning of her birthday one of her best friend's and I took her out to run some errands and take her to lunch while my dad and brother Josh did the installation. It was all ready and time to come home. My stomach was all a-twitter with anticipation. On the way she commented that birthdays just weren't exciting for her anymore. I could hardly contain myself. We got home, with me jetting into the living room to get into position with my camera at the ready. She finally came in and screamed as soon as she saw what we had done. The cheesy grin, the look of pure joy and the random shouts of "I love my TV" were everything we as her family could ask for. It was the perfect response.