Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thoughts on School

A few years ago when Matt graduated from law school, he immediately started regretting his decision not to go to medical school, pursuing an engineering degree, or finishing his chemistry minor. He perfectly appreciated his duty as the bread winner of our family, but I knew that going back to school was the wish of his heart.
Having just become the proud owner of $100k+ of student loans, I was not super eager about adding more to the pile. But wanting to be the supportive wife, I told him as soon as he paid off the first set of loans he could go back for which ever degree suited his fancy.
So it was a surprise to both of us when a little over a year later both of us were equally crazy excited about the adventure of his going back to school, a mite earlier than either of us expected. And a year after that, here we are in State College, Pennsylvania. It is so fun to be in a college town again.
School starts on Monday and you can feel the anticipation of a new year in the air. Parents have been dropping their children off (U-Haul in tow - who needs that much stuff for a college dorm room?) all weekend long, signs are up everywhere welcoming the students back, and grocery stores are crowded as students fill up on ramen and frozen pizza.
I never thought I would be this excited to be back in this lifestyle but there is something almost palpable about the hopeful anticipation of this new adventure. It's fun to dream of all the fun new places we could land. Even our time here in State College is laced with that same sense of fun.
I especially feel it when I go to church. Growing up as a military brat, I became adept at quickly making new friends and acquaintances as well as helping other new people to feel welcome. Somehow as I got older I lost that talent - I started waiting for others to do the welcoming. But being here in State College has brought back that childhood ability. I'm introducing myself, getting involved, and making friends like never before.
So while Matthew is having his adventure learning new things and meeting new people, I'll be having one of my own, one I think is ever so much more fun!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Days like these are so rare

Do you ever have days that seem to float by? Not that you do anything extremely interesting or fabulous, but you are so happy and serene that no matter how lost you get or how far you have to drive for a meeting (an hour and a half round trip) nothing seems to get you down? I had a couple of those days this past week. True treasures in deed. I spent time getting to know new friends, helping out others, driving to a training meeting for my new calling (Early morning Seminary teacher), doing laundry, paying bills, working, reading, and spending time with darling Matthew. Definitely not anything out of the extraordinary, but lovely nonetheless. Why can't I go through life with that sort of attitude all the time? Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Litter Bugs Me

Tonight as I was driving home from the store, I saw a guy casually drop his cigarette out of his truck window - his hand hanging there looking very innocent. It made me think of this guy I worked with when I lived in Boston - a guy who called himself the Bronze Adonis. We were out to dinner while travelling for work. The restaurant was a very nice steak house as only a town teeming with old East Coast men can produce. While eating, a woman sitting at the nearby bar unwrapped a piece of candy and, like the man in the car, innocently and casually threw the wrapper on the floor.
Unfortunately for her, everyone at our table saw her do it. And even more unfortunately for our little litterer, the Bronze Adonis said aloud and in a very irritated voice what the rest of us at the table were already thinking, "Who does that? That is so bush league!" The now embarrassed girl, heard the remark, and while trying to appear just as casual, bent down and picked up the discarded wrapper. I remember at the time feeling sorry for this poor girl, but also feeling some small victory for litter haters everywhere. So when I saw the man in the truck, I had the strongest desire to yell out my own window, "Who does that? Litter haters unite!!"