Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Apartment Flooded

Our apartment flooded this week. It happened Friday - a particularly rainy day. I had been sitting at my desk, sleeping really, when I woke up, got up from my computer and noticed that my feet were leaving footprints in the carpet. When my brain cleared, it dawned on me that the footprints in the carpet meant my carpet was very much wet. I looked up and noticed a very dry ceiling. Well, I guess that means the water was coming up from below, and getting worse. I called the rental office to have them send maintenance down to help me out, I called Matthew to let him know, and then I called my mother and my friend Rachel, just because it seemed so very surreal. My apartment was flooding.
I went next door to see if my neighbors were experiencing similar issues. No, it seems, this is a problem unique to my apartment. A problem that has been a recurring theme, for at least the last year. Sweet. According to my neighbor, the old tenants moved out because the flooding was such a frustrating problem. Double sweet, I thought. Maintenance came, and very kindly and efficiently helped me move all my belongings from the back two bedrooms (the only rooms seemingly affected). They secured a hotel for us to stay at while they pumped the water from our apartment, cleaned the carpets, and set up dehumidifiers to finish the drying process. They assured me no mold would grow.
Knowing the apartment had flooded before forcing the previous tenants to move, did not inspire a lot of faith in management. But Friday, an hour after I calmly but firmly expressed my concerns to some poor leasing agent, I was reassured that everything would be done to ensure my comfort; including letting me out of my lease, transferring me to a new apartment (depending upon availability), or getting the problem fixed once and for all ASAP.
My concerns were assuaged. Maybe management isn't an evil corporate empire after all, and maybe my faith in human decency doesn't have to be shaken. We can hope. In the meantime, we continue at the Super 8 motel (the only thing available in SC during parent's weekend) until maintenance gives us the go ahead to move back into our bedroom.