Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hair Flowers

I think I might be a little late to the hair flower fad, but that's not kept me from jumping in head first. Case in point (see above picture).
To say thank you for tieing my friend's quilt she had me pick out some flowers so she could make them into hair accessories. I enthusiastically picked out the above flower realizing, at the time, that it is very large; but somehow now, seeing it on my head, it makes me laugh at my own exuberance. Do you notice how it takes up half my head in all of its fiery glory? I defy anyone to have a bigger hair flower in their collection. Now I can compete with the other girl babies at my parent's church who make sure everyone in a hundred yard radius know they are of the feminine persuasion.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here you go Kevin

To Kevin, and everyone he sends this post to - you are going to love this quilt!! I wasn't lying about the whole, starting your own blog just to rave about it, thing. And to answer your questions, yes I LOVE it, and yes, I am glad it is done. I think I might have a couple calluses from some of the needlework I did on it. Here are some more pictures I took during the construction process.

This picture was taken during the quilting stage. Do you see all that material I got to PUSH through my sewing machine? I think I might have gotten some serious muscles from this exercise alone. If you look closely at the picture you'll notice the basting I did from my last post. This basting helped keep everything together as I quilted it.
Okay, this picture is of the trimming process. I don't know what else to say about that.

I really love the row of patches you had for the back. I tried to get them straight, but you'll notice it didn't quite happen as I planned. Don't worry, it still looks fantastic.

Here is the finished project complete with edging. Are you starting to get excited about putting it on your bed and having all your friends come in to admire it? That is one great quilt!!

And of course, the piece de resistance (at least for me) is the star on the back. A quilt isn't complete without one. It's small, and in the bottom corner, if you hate it you can pretend it isn't there. But really, who would want to ignore that cutie.
Wow, I'm starting to feel a little heady. Feel free to knock me down a peg if you'd like. If not, I won't think the less of you for it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey Kevin

Did I tell you that I finally got around to working on your quilt? I put it on a quilt frame so I could make sure all the layers are nice an tight. No one wants a lumpy quilt. Did I tell you the frame takes up the entire room. I basically have to crawl around underneath to get to the different sides. It's a good thing I don't have bending problems.

Did I tell you you are going to be so happy with this quilt when it's done? I am so excited for you to get it back so you can start your own blog to rave over how beautiful it is.

Did I tell you I'm trying out this new technique of basting the quilt instead of pinning it. I think the finished product will be nicer this way. Do you like the tape? It's supposed to say "Top."

So that's where I'm at so far. Tomorrow will have more progress.

For those of my four readers who just may be wondering who this Kevin character is - Kevin is a co-worker of mine from my PwC Boston days and perhaps the only co-worker I've ever really kept in any sort of contact with. I've gone to Toronto, Puerto Rico and Florida with this guy. He badgered me into getting highlights, took me to a Tori Amos concert, and walked around Old San Juan rotating his arms so he could get a good tan on both sides. I love this kid. He also happens to be my most loyal reader. So when he asked me to refinish his quilt and then blog about it, I of course said I would. So Kevin, not remotely a threat to my husband, here is a blog post about the progress on your quilt!! Are you smiling?