Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sara in Hawaii

I am in Hawaii. This is the beach most readily accessible to my in-laws. It's so full of driftwood that it's not really good for anything other than a nice stroll. The better beaches are in the other direction and are still walkable, it just take 10 minutes to get to them instead of 5. And no I'm not bragging or anything.

So how am I doing? I realize that I will get absolutely zero sympathy for any complaining I might want to do, so I will dispense with the unpleasantness and simply say that the first few days took a little getting used to. Fortunately for the summer, Matt's siblings and I now get along swimmingly, I've learned to accept the fickleness of the weather and being slightly sticky all the time, and I'm coming up with a nice little schedule for my week. All in all, I expect this to be a fabulous summer. Which brings me to the point of this post.

We are in Hawaii. Us. Sara and Matt. It struck me a couple of days ago how absurd this notion is. There are two other LDS families going through the Penn State MBA program with us. One family is in Houston for the summer (certainly the worst time, in my mind, to be in Houston) before she gets to leave with their small daughter and move apartments in State College all by herself. The other is separated for the summer, he working in a lame town in Maryland while she and the kids spend half of it alone, sans car, in State College, and the other half in Utah. Neither sounds even the slightest bit fun and here we are in Hawaii.

Friday I rode the bus into downtown Honolulu to meet up with Matthew for date night. And as I was riding what ended up being a two hour trip, I just couldn't help marveling at the wonder of it. I have been to the temple three times already in the week and a half since I've been here. I woke up at 6 am and decided to make it to the temple by 7 am. And even with walking I was still there by 6:40 easily. I work my standard issue hours so as to not make me feel like a complete lazybones, but the rest of my day is spent baking fun things, laying by the pool, taking walks and talking to friends. I realize this whole post sounds very boastful, but I just can't help swimming in the immense good fortune of my summer. Please don't be a hater.

P.S. I'll try to take more pictures.