Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hotmail Cleanup

I just wanted to post about just how proud of myself I am.  I think I went through something close to two thousand emails tonight in an effort to clean up my email inbox. I've had the same email address since 1997, and while I try to clean it from time to time, it is ALWAYS a daunting process. Tonight I added new folders to organize recipes vs. pictures vs. cute the love letters I make my darling husband write to me. I still have a page and a half of emails in my inbox, but it's a lot better than the 15+ I had at the start of the afternoon. That's it. I just wanted to document a proud moment in my life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Current List of Items Made

Just in case anyone is curious, here's what I've made so far for Wee Babe. I still need to make his baby blanket and receiving blanket, but I still have a few months yet to do that.  It will get done someday soon, hopefully. I kind of go through bursts.
So far, I've made myself:

  • Baby sling (upper left)
  • Nursing cover (upper right)
  • Changing pad and wet bag (plaid stuff in the middle)
  • Hipster baby wipe case (the black and pink item)
  • Peepee Teepees (you know, for changing a baby that suddenly decides he's not done with his business)
  • Assorted burp clothes.  I know that everyone talks about how cloth diapers work the best, but since I had an old towel and flannel and not cloth diapers laying around, I made them this way instead.
So that's what I've been up to lately. Making baby blankets for my pregnant sister (though no longer now that nephew Adam is born) and two sister-in-laws, and making this fun stuff for me.  It seems I'm always most proud of whatever my latest project is, so right now it's the baby sling.  I think it's pretty cute, and not remotely boyish, but hey, I need some pretty things too for me. 

By the way, a huge thanks for everyone who's been brave enough to leave comments on the baby items that work best for them. Both my older sister and I are extremely grateful for the combined wisdom of more experienced mothers.  While everyone has different opinions, it's proven very useful to get them nonetheless to make my own now much more informed decision. Thank you tons and tons.  And just so you know, I am gladly taking any additional helpful opinions you might still want to send along. Thanks again.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The "M" Word

Lately, Matthew and I have been discussing the "M" word - Mortgage. Matthew is 30 and I'm 32 and so far that word and all of its adult responsibilities have sent me looking for the closest paper bag. But with Wee Babe on the way, and Matthew gainfully employed, the dream of home ownership is looking ever more doable.  It's been fun to look at homes in the Allentown area that are easily within our price range and are still remarkably livable - meaning, they aren't holes.  That's my biggest qualification, it can't be a hole.  Oh, and it has to have a garage and a laundry room.  Everything else is negotiable. So, in the coming months as we approach bankers, and real estate agents, expect to see pictures of the potential garages we might own!!
It all makes me giddy just thinking and dreaming about it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

24 Weeks

This is me at 24 weeks.  Definitely showing at this point, but still in the cute pregnant phase.  The pregnancy is going remarkably well.  In fact Matthew and I were talking the other day about how easy its been.  Matthew is grateful for my relatively stable emotions and I am grateful that I haven't been sick, or craving crazy, or really anything.  I have suffered a little from sleeplessness and carpal tunnel, but since I can make up my sleep almost anytime I want and I've learned how to sleep with my wrists mostly straight, even these haven't been a big deal. I'm a lucky chica.

Lately, though, I have started thinking more seriously about the "things" I'm going to need as I start off this new venture.  Right now I'm a little overwhelmed by the overabundance of choices and then just not knowing of some of the more less obvious but by no means less necessary items.  What will I want?  What will I buy and end up hating and wish I hadn't spent my money on it?  It's a little nerve-wracking.
But that's the beauty of being 32 and having my first baby is that it means that most everyone I know has already gone through this and vetted it out. Thank you women for having babies earlier and having years of experience to now pass on to me.  So, if you would be so kind as to share with me some of your opinions as well as favorite things, I would appreciate it.

Any opinions or absolute favorites on the following?

  • Diaper Bags - Do I need one or can I just get a large purse?  How often do you really use one, and how often do you just stick a couple diapers, some wipes and a change of clothes in whatever bag you are already carrying?
  • Receiving Blankets and summer babies - is flannel still fine, or is it going to be too hot?  I bought some jersey fabric and some muslin just in case.  What's best?
  • Bottles - a friend of mine asked for glass bottles with changeable tops so you can have a nipple top, a sippy top, or a normal water bottle top as the baby grows.  They sure look cool, but are they worth the expense?  How many bottles (given I plan on nursing) will I likely need?
  • Toys - What toys does a 0 - 1 year old really use?
  • Favorite stroller/Baby carrier - Also, is this something that really should be bought new, or is used okay?
  • Bassinets - Are they worth it, or can I just put Wee Babe in a laundry basket for the first couple of months before he's moved into a crib?
  • Wrap versus Sling versus something like a Baby Bjorn - What are your thoughts?
  • Changing Table - Everyone seems to have one, but I'm not sure I've ever seen someone change their baby on them.  How much use have you gotten out of yours?
  • Miscellaneous - I know I'm forgetting all sorts of other life changing baby things, so if you have any other favorites, PLEASE let me know.
By the way, as many comments on this post would be very greatly beneficial.  I like getting as many opinions as I can.  So, even if you've randomly stumbled across this blog (like someone in Brazil - I don't know who you are) and you don't know me but you still have an opinion - PLEASE comment too.  I would sooo very appreciate it.

Okay, that's it.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful, super fantastic day!