Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zachary - Month Two

Some pictures of the Wee Babe during month two. What a lovey baby he is turning into. While typing this he is screaming in his room, irritated at being left alone to go to sleep for the night. But even so, he is turning into such a happy, contented little boy who loves to flirt with his mother. I have loved all the smiles I am lavished with during the day. The eyes, the smile, even the little pouty face he makes just before he starts to cry - I can't get enough of them. I am completely smitten with this little boy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Virginia Visit (Week 6)

After only 6 weeks of life, I decided to brave a trip down to Virginia to visit my parents, sister Nichole, brother Paul, and brother Phillip. The trip was about two hours too long for this little guy. It didn't help that we hit solid traffic just fifteen miles before seeing my brother Paul and his little family (complete with one week old Ellie) and my sister Nichole. He did not take the setback well.

Z with his Aunt Nickey. The poor child does not look too happy, but that's more to do with the fact that he had just spent too many hours in a car and not enough of them sleeping than with his attitude towards his sweet Auntie.

Paul, a very new dad himself, had delusions of baby whisperer. But even if meant Z was calm for a few minutes I was going to take it.

My mother loved cuddling with her sweet grandson, despite my concern that he needed to be sleeping in a bed not in her arms. Silly new mother.

Z had his first pool experience at my brother Phillip's house.

At first he wasn't sure what he thought.

But he quickly made up his mind. No dice. What a sad face. Poor child.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Two weeks out and our house still looks like this. This has never happened to me before. I've always been 90+%  moved in at  this point. As you can see, we still look more like squatters than anything else. I guess I could probably blame baby for slowing me down, but really it's more that we are currently SLOWLY transitioning over to real adulthood and our furniture hasn't caught up with us yet. We still have our small apartment furniture - furniture that fit perfectly well in a 1000 square foot apartment, but looks paltry in our townhouse that is much bigger. So, until we have the funds to buy new more permanent (aka, not from IKEA) pieces, this is what our life looks like. So don't judge us if you happen to come and visit us. Just know, we aren't squatters, we really do own it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zachary Doesn't Have Colic

Our baby is smiling!!! Look how cute that little grin is!

But that's not the point of this post. The point is, it turns out Zachary doesn't have colic, at least I don't think, I just don't know what I'm doing. It's amazing what routine naps will do for a baby's disposition. So when I thought he was hungry ALL THE TIME, he was just tired. Maybe one day I'll get get the hang of this? Poor child. It's a good thing he won't remember all the screw ups I made on him. Now that he's sleeping more regularly, I get cute faces like the above. 

And then there's the above. They're really better when you go from one picture to the other - almost like a flipbook. I'm not quite sure why I love them so much, but one of my favorite images of Wee Babe, is the spread eagle thing he does when I change his diaper. It's so endearing every time. Not quite as endearing as the gummy grin, but definitely up there.
Finally, another changing table picture. How can you not love that little chin and those eyes?