Sunday, March 31, 2013


I realize Z is not remotely unique in his love for taking something of order and wreaking havoc with it, but his relentless pursuit of entropy still manages to mostly entertain me. Somehow he manages to be a very busy, inquisitive child while not delving into hyperactivity.

His favorite areas of exploration are as follows:

  • His bedroom tub I keep full of random toys/books/household objects amassed for the sole purpose of giving him something to pull out.
  • The drawers of my bedside table. Again, I purposefully keep miscellaneous items in there, just so he has something to empty and occupy him while I put on makeup or dry my hair.
  • And of course, when he is done with the table, he can crawl just a few feet away and work his magic on my laundry basket. Nothing ever makes its way back in to the basket, only out.
  • Once we move downstairs, the plastic grocery bags makes for endless moments of fun as he tears them out, shakes them around and proceeds to crawl around the kitchen with them. Please don't call child protection on me. I promise he is always well supervised when he plays with them, and so far hasn't managed to do much with them other than the above.
  • Not pictured are the drawers of baby bottles, dishtowels, and now the cupboards he is tall enough to open (thankfully only a few). I've had to move the cleaning supplies to the cupboard above the refrigerator so I'm not constantly in a state of panic every time he opens the door. Right now, I am okay that he pokes at the roll of trash bags that still remain. 

Thankfully this is just a stage, and someday all the books on my shelves won't be an object of interest, but with any luck, by the time he has moved onto other hobbies, Baby 2 will take up the cause.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Banana Peels Don't Taste Good

A story in pictures. 

While Z was napping I read a book in bed and ate a banana. Too lazy to throw the banana peel away immediately, I left it on my bedside table, so when baby boy awoke from his nap (too quickly thereafter) it was awaiting his inquiry.
 Here he is, intrigued by the new object.

 Testing it out. I should mention that, banana peels don't taste good. You might know this already. Z did not. And I don't think he trusted his initial interaction, because he kept going back for more. I should also add, that I did realize at the time that I should probably rescue this poor soul from himself, but I was too intent on capturing the face he made each time he tasted it that I let him go back for more. Does this make me a bad parent?

This child is a ham, and I fear, has his mother's narcissistic tendencies, because if he knows his picture is being taken, he immediately gives me a cute smile. All the more fun to coo at himself later.

 Okay, this is sort of the face I wanted, but not good enough. Keep chewing away baby.

 Another bite of the banana.

Success!! I still can't look at this picture without chuckling.

 And my darling persistent child continues to eat. At this point, I cave and take the banana away from this poor boy. I have my picture, he no longer needs to suffer.