Friday, September 27, 2013

Sleepy Cheeks

A sleeping baby is the best but I will take a drowsy baby too.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Mommy Moments

I'll be honest, I love my little girl, but adjusting to life with two children under the age of 16 months has not been easy for me - mentally, emotionally or physically. But even while I trudge through the haze of newborn days, life is still happy in the Marler abode. Here are a few reminders of why I love being a mom.
  • Wee Boy still likes being carried down the stairs in the morning to breakfast and I am still happy to oblige which means carrying him in one arm and Cheeks in the other. For some reason, I love this. Especially since it brings so much obvious joy to the boy child to come running into my open arm.
  • I absolutely love the funny faces Cheeks makes, generally as she is waking up. Sometimes she's a frog, sticking her tongue out, sometimes she's a monkey with her arms in the air. From her surprised look to her perplexed expression, I really do love my baby.
  • Our bed is a little tall and Wee Boy has finally figured out how to climb up onto it. So now when I am sitting in bed feeding Cheeks, he will come with book in hand for me to read to him. I love our little trio snug on my bed together.
  • I love daydreaming about what sort of relationship the two of them will have in the next six and twelve months as well as six to twelve years.
  • I think I mentioned this before, but one of the manifestations of Wee Boy's frustration with sharing his mommy time has been to become a lot more cuddly. Cuddles from a previously non-cuddler absolutely warms my heart.
So that's what I wanted to share. The two-child adventure has begun, and in some respects it's kicking my kiester, but there is still some joy in the journey to be found. Love.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grandma's Little Buddy

My wonderful mother came up this past week to take care of me and my son while I rested and loved on my little Bitty Girl. She was amazing. I couldn't have made it through the week without her. And now she has a new little buddy in Wee Boy. These two were inseparable as they gallivanted around buying new clothes, frequenting lunch establishments, getting hair cuts, and just being pals.
But while I loved their togetherness, I had to hold my tongue as much as possible when I came down to breakfast to see my child covered in chocolate milk and chocolate breakfast cereal, It's a cute image don't get me wrong. Isn't he the picture of a silly and happy little boy, complete with the chocolate marshmallow stuck to his face right next to his eye? But while I have been known to feed my child sugar, there is and always will be a great discrepancy between mama diets and grandma diets - something I believe my sweet mother takes some amount of joy in.
I'm just sorry for the pain my child faced on Saturday as he went through detox.