Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Last year Wee Boy, then Wee Babe, slept through most of Christmas and was disinterested in the rest. This year that honor went to Cheeks. Wee Boy turned in a completely adorable performance as he made a B-line for his grocery cart and cash register and smiled beautifully for the camera as his grandmother helped him unwrap his Christmas candy and play with his new matchbox cars. He even willingly let himself be changed into his new Christmas outfit.

The rest of the day was spent lounging, cooking and playing games with my parents and Matthew's sister, Megan, and her fiancĂ© Colin. So good job Boy Howdy and good job Christmas for just being great.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Independent Stinker

I have been trying to keep Wee Boy snack free in the late afternoons to help promote eating at his actual dinner time. It is not always super successful. See above pictures. After getting a "no food, it's almost dinner time" response to his plea for eating, Wee Boy disappeared. When I finally got around to checking on him, this is what I found. Stinker Pop had taken matters into his own hands by getting a clementine of his own and tearing into it. It really was so close to dinner time, but I had to admire his independence. It was that admiration, and the fact that it was an orange and not a starburst that was his only saving grace in being allowed to continue with his subversion of my direction.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wee Boy in the Snow

We got a few inches of snow and while I didn't want to take my little 3-month old baby out in the snow, I thought Wee Boy should have the opportunity to play in what is effectively his first snow. Our fenced in deck, seemed to be the perfect safe environment, but while he was perfectly happy to be outside, being outside by himself didn't seem all that entertaining. Hence the face pressed up against the glass, the knocking, and the adorable smile that says, "either come out and play with me, or let me back in."
As is my life these days, I always rescue my children, but not without first taking gratuitous pictures that only immediate family will enjoy. If you aren't one of those five people, my apologies.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas decorating

Oh my darling "helpful" son. Bless his little heart. We got home from Thanksgiving too late to get a tree that same weekend so we put up some decorations the first Sunday of December, after babies went to bed, and then got a tree the following Saturday. I was a little curious to see if Wee Boy would even know what was going on - if he'd even notice the house was changing.
The Monday morning after we'd put up most of our decorations, sans tree, Wee Boy came downstairs and just stood in awe of it all. He kept turning around pointing to all the decorations, most especially the paper star snowflakes I have hanging from our ceiling. It was beyond adorable and definitely put to rest any misgivings I had on Christmas being lost on very small children. (It's true what "they" say, Christmas is definitely better when celebrated with children.)
The next Saturday when we got our tree, Wee Boy was all over helping get that sucker up and in place. We didn't let him help decorate. Again, decorating was done after he and Cheeks were snugly in their beds for the night. But he was super eager to come downstairs the next morning, peeking through the stair railings at the first opportunity to check out the tree all lit up. From then on, it was his personal mission to make sure our Christmas tree was on anytime he was in the room. I have to say Matthew and I are pleasantly surprised he has seemed to mostly understand the concept of being "gentle" with the ornaments and that he only tries to put a few lights into his mouth. Hopefully Cheeks will be just as cooperative next year.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sleeping Baby (for kicks)

Matthew urged me to rescue our poor daughter slumped over asleep in her seat, but I COULD NOT resist taking a few pictures first.