Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cheeks is 6 Months Old

My baby is six months old. So what is she up to these days? Cheeks is a pro-sitter, pro-roller (this may be her preferred method of self-transportation), Miss Grabby Hands, enthralled by everything big brother does, and Smiler to anyone who pays her any attention (just as long as they don't try to hold her). She still has very little hair and no teeth, but her relentless smiles and big blue eyes make up for any and all deficiencies she might have in those other areas. Everyone in the Marler home is completely smitten with our happy little girl. And since, this post is really all about the pictures anyway, here you go.


Pretending to Sleep

Wee Boy has entered the world of pretending, though his poker face leaves something to be desired. This is how I found him and little sister. How can you not want to document that funny little "sleeping" boy for posterity?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow Day Fun

While this was going on outside . . . 

This is what was going on inside. 
To be fair, I had been on the phone for quite some time and my "keeping track" mode was pretty lax, but did my sweet boy have to get into my newly acquired container of cocoa powder?
My favorite part was after I mentioned the need to clean it up, he went and got himself (hence the cocoa-y little footprints) a dishtowel and started wiping up the floor. Maybe not the most successful attempt at cleaning, but heartwarming nonetheless.

Tabasco Isn't for Little Boys

I think I've documented my child's foray into banana peels. Today I bring you his intro to Tabasco sauce. 
Matthew had pulled it out to put on his breakfast but hadn't gotten around to putting it and his dishes away before going outside to shovel the beginnings of our epic snow storm. Wee Boy being the curious type that he is went over and helped himself to pouring it in his father's forsaken juice glass. I saw what he was doing out of the corner of my eye and distinctly remember mumbling some warning to my child but left him to his own devices while I fed Cheeks. The next thing I know he had enough poured into the glass that the next logical step would be to drink it. What ensued was A LOT of crying and clumsy pawing at his mouth and tongue in an ill-conceived attempt to cure the pain. 

How sad is that little face. Now lest you think I am an awful parent, I did offer this poor soul milk, juice, the rest of his breakfast, even a cookie before I reached for my camera. He didn't want them. So all I could reasonably do was document his experience for posterity. Really, it was my only option.

Eventually though he did talk himself into eating the proffered cookie. Ah sweet relief, even if he does have a red little face and a runny nose.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hug Wrestling

What started out as a lovely photo shoot of my darling little girl with her great big blue eyes and her bald little head, quickly devolved into what can only be described as hug wrestling with her brother. I was amazed as always at her utter patience with him. He was more or less gentle as he hugged her and snuggled her, but even still, a less tolerant sibling would have rightly felt more self-preservation instincts. Not Cheeks. Bring it on brother. I love it all.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Father-Daughter Time

By this age of Wee Boy's short life he had definitely chosen up parenting sides against his dad. This little girl, though, seems to be kinder to her father giving Matthew the daddy's girl he's always wanted.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Birthday Quilt

For my birthday this past year, Matthew gave me money to buy fabric. I easily spent it and a little extra (eek) on material to make my new favorite project. Yea!! I HEART stars.

I finished the shams to go with the quilt and this project is officially complete.
Micheal, hopefully this gives you a better feel for its size. It is queen-sized and potentially the last quilt I do of this size.