Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I think I've mentioned that my children were a bit under the weather this month. As such, my photographer friend did not want my babes anywhere near hers. So my pictures are the best we could do. I got Cheeks into her Minnie Mouse costume, thanks mother dear, but Wee Boy was too busy being a disinterested sickie to get into his. So here are a few pictures of the sweet girl.

The week or two before Halloween I tried prepping Wee Boy for trick or treating. I taught him to say "trick or treat" and taught him that if he said it he would get candy, but only on Halloween. For the day before and day of Halloween I prepped him that he was going to get into his costume after dinner on Friday and we would go get him some candy. But when it came to changing he didn't want to have anything to do with his costume. For some reason I just about cried. He and his sister already ruined pumpkin patches, was he going to ruin my hopes for his Halloween too? Oh sad, silly mama.

But then we went outside to give out candy and Wee Boy was excited for all things Halloween (just not for him). He LOVED being outside when it was dark outside. He LOVED playing with the pumpkins and pointing out that there was fire in them (well one of them - he blew out the other one). He LOVED playing with the candy. And he LOVE LOVE LOVED handing out candy to the kids coming to our door. He wanted to be the one to put candy in their bags. And he was already cheering for more kids when one group had just barely left. This boy was practically bouncing off the walls with joy and excitement with the "fun" of hanging out on the porch. I kept trying to convince him to let me get him into his costume, but he never did change his mind and by the end of the night I was finally okay with it. We didn't have fun going around the neighborhood, but we definitely enjoyed our evening.

Oh and Cheeks just wanted to wander around with candy in her hot little hands. 

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


This little girl perfectly embodies my feelings some days. Today we were all dressed, the house vacuumed and the bathrooms cleaned by 9:30 am. It was all I set for myself to accomplish today and I still had SO MUCH time. Days like today I feel every single minute of the day. I look at my watch, it's only 9:45? It's only 9:49? I don't want to just kill time with my sweet children, but some days we just feel really bored despite my best intentions.

"The years rush past, as every older woman will tell the young mothers who complain that they still have two little ones at home and  it seems like forever before they will all be in school.  Oh no, they say, time flies - enjoy them while they're young - they grow up so fast...
The mothers agree that indeed the years do fly.  It's the days that don't.  The hours, minutes of a single day sometimes just stop.  And a mother finds herself standing in the middle of a room wondering.  Wondering.  Years fly.  Of course they do.  But a mother can gag on a day."
--Jain Sherrard

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sick Kids Ruin Everything

For the last two weekends we have made plans to go to a quaint little pumpkin patch to let our babes ride on hay, get dirty, get idyllic pictures taken, have magical childhood experiences and pick out pumpkins. The weather was perfect even. But one weekend Cheeks was a thrower-upper and the next weekend it was Wee Boy's turn. Darn those babes ruining their magical childhood experiences we had planned for them!! We had no choice but to go to the grocery store "pumpkin patch" and take our pictures there! Thankfully I'm pretty sure they didn't care and I was fairly well entertained by taking pictures outside of the grocer.


And when all is said and done store bought pumpkins carve up just the same as idyllic ones.