Friday, February 27, 2015

Play Dough Days

Some days I kind of want to gag on all the time I have to fill somehow. But today Wee Boy was making requests for play dough designs and I found myself contented and happy that this is how I get to spend my time and his childhood. I am extremely grateful Matthew works so I can play with my babies.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Cheeks is 18 months

My little girl is 18 months and I can feel myself slipping into being a mother of multiple children because these are the best pictures I can muster of my little one at a year and a half. Ah poor child. But a few things about this cute little punkin head.

  • This little girl still loves all things her brother. She likes to follow him around (though she is starting to wander on her own), play with his toys (though to his 2-year old mind, what's his is his and what's hers is his), and do whatever he tells her to do. She also likes to tease him and, I suspect, find ways to push his buttons.
  • She is getting quite devious but with the cutest smile that it takes some serious parenting skills to not get sucked into her seduction. Her biggest thrill is to put her feet up on the table. She KNOWS this is not something we allow, but she does it with the biggest and sweetest smile on her face that Matthew has to turn away so she doesn't see him chuckling a bit to himself while I am left to be the consistent parent.
  • She is my cute girl that LOVES to giggle and smile and just be so content with life. She shares with such sweetness. She has a fiery side and will for sure let you know when you have done something to frustrate her, but by and large she is charming and sweet.
  • Oh how I love this little girl who has stolen my heart. How could I ever be nervous that I couldn't love anyone as much as the Wee Boy?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cabin Fever Has Set in

Cabin fever has definitely set in around here. January was a miserable, sickie month for us and February has been cold and snowy. Not snowy fun. Just snowy, barely enough to cover the ice that once was snow but is now ice and is NEVER melting. Play group has been cancelled for weeks in a row, play dates have been cancelled due to other families being sick and my children are finally starting to tire of watching tv. So when the weather popped above 25 degree and the sun came out, Wee Boy put on his boots and his gloves (all by himself) and went outside. Not to be ditched, Cheeks, who just a few months ago barely tolerated being outside in full snow gear, went outside too. I didn't bother putting shoes on her because I thought it would be too cold for her, but she went right out and it wasn't until I enticed her inside with the promise of helping me with laundry (ooh) that she came in. Not once did she complain that her feet, face, hands were most likely numb. She was playing outside with brother and loving it. I kind of felt like a bad mom for not insisting she, or Wee Boy for that matter, were better equipped but I just kept thinking they would get cold and come in on their own.

Proof that he put his boots on all by himself. I'm pretty sure the gloves weren't put on properly either but he was SOOO proud of himself that he could go out "properly clothed" all by himself. Got to love independent little 2 almost 3 year olds.

The next day I felt a little better when she went back out to play having donned shoes (though still sockless) and a puffy vest.

Wee Boy soon tired of the ice on the deck and wanted to explore the backyard. I finally relented after I saw he had pitched his trucks over the railing. Unfortunately for his mittens and boots and shirt and pants, he discovered mud. Blegh. That turkey of mine.

But what a funny little duck he can be too. Here's hoping that January was our sickie month, February was our brrr month and March is our starting to thaw out and go back to the park (still with coats on but outside nonetheless) month. Matthew says not to hold my breath.