Thursday, June 11, 2015


This. This is why I moved to Oregon. At least one of the reasons. I feel bad that I didn't get any pictures of their other cousins, I LOVE living close to my family. And while we were staying with my sister's family, these three became an adorable little trio. I loved watching Boy Howdy and Team Dallas play but it was especially great to see Cheeks joining in, and becoming part of the group. I mean, how can you not love those little faces!!!
You can't really see it, but this shot was supposed to highlight their dirtiness after strawberry picking.
All the cuties eating apples on the bench together.

They all wanted to cuddle on the couch, which meant that they had to start layering on top of each other to do it.
  Poor little cheekies couldn't stay awake on the couch while everyone else watched a move. Funny thing is that poor Team Dallas wanted to follow Cheeks' lead but neither Cheeks nor Boy Howdy wanted him leaning against them despite his numerous attempts to use them as pillows.
Really the moral of this post is, I love love cousins. I Love watching my children fall in love with them. I Love knowing that these pictures are just a few of the ones that I will be taking with my memory over the next few years.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

We are a Family Once More

While living with my parents for a few weeks, one truth about myself became painfully obvious - I
would make an awful single mother. So imagine my joy when we flew into Portland and my darling Matthew was at the airport to once again be my rock, my joy and my helpmeet in parenting. That weekend we decided to celebrate being back together with a few days in a beach condo. We were terribly, horribly unprepared for the coast's weather with our light jackets and shorts, but that's the amazing thing about small children. It can be cold and the water can be FREEZING but they just don't seem to care. They had fun running in and out of the water, being at the beach for the very first time in their short little lives and digging in the sand. Boy Howdy, sad that he had become wet from being in the water, quickly tired of being at the beach. Cheeks, on the other hand, was happy to explore, get wet and dirty and cold for sometime after until I finally dragged her away for dinner and bedtime. Ah Neskowin. Possibly the coldest beach on the entire Western coast (seriously it was 90 an hour inland, 70 and sunny twenty minutes south at another beach, but 55 and overcast in Neskowin) but you gave my children an uncrowded, beautiful, serene place to play for a couple of days. And for that we most heartily thank you.


I should mention that Boy Howdy cried bitter tears that first night when he learned we would be spending the night there and not at his dear cousin's house. Ah, we heart cousins. But we heart being together again even more. Sorry kid.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Other Virginia Memories

This isn't really a post so much as a catchall for more memories at my parent's house in Virginia. They had way too many fruit snacks and juice and candy but they also had adoring grandparents loving them every second. It's a trade off I guess. I will take the sugar if I also get the love for my babies.

Cheeks with hair finally long enough for pigtails.

Playing around the lake. Many a moment were spent in and around this lake.

My father had a little friend for the majority of his time mowing his lawn.  
Thank you my parents for the memories. And thank you to Nichole and Phillip for the love shown by you and your children. I just don't have any pictures of you to share. If you have any, send them along and I would love to post them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Boy

I feel very fortunate that my sweetness still harbors no expectation about his birthday with the exception of a few gifts. This year we spent his birthday while staying with my parents. I planned to spend his day at a local bounce play place and then having a pizza/pool party at my brother's house later that night with my in-town siblings and parents. It was going to be fun but low-key. We made it to the play place only to find that it had just been rented out for the rest of the day. I almost wanted to cry for my poor boy as he had just gotten out of the car and was excited to play and I had to tell him to get back in the car which he didn't quite seem to understand. We didn't have enough time to find another place farther away, so instead we went over to the mall and I let him ride on the cars (and rocket ship). He had a good time, having seen them before but never had them MOVE for him. Cheeks was equally excited and the two of them enjoyed themselves for some time.

The mall also boasts a toddler play area which Birthday Boy indulged for a few minutes before realizing it was more his sister's speed and wandered out. Oh poor boy. This day was not turning out the way we had hoped.
To make matters worse, it started sprinkling on the way home. We had hope that it would quickly pass and the pizza/pool party would still be on, but then a gigantic wave of thunder rolled through and it had to be given up. Sigh. And yet, I think I was more disappointed than Birthday Boy.
As I began setting up for the birthday party, relocated now at my parent's house, Birthday Boy found my parent's rain boots birthday present. Before I knew it he was outside jumping in puddles, sooooo very excited to play in the water without getting so so wet. Coupled with bubbles from my brother and Birthday Boy was the happiest of boy. And this is why I love small children. There is little that puddles and bubbles won't cure, but I'm not even sure he knew he should be disappointed with the day.

A few days later we celebrated again in Oregon with Matthew. He loved his other presents as well, including a new peddleless bike, but I don't think they were able to compete with the boots or the bubbles.
I love this boy. I love that he calls me mommy with every sentence. I love that he has moved from being unknowingly funny to being purposefully silly and how he finds such joy in it. I love that he calls Cheeks his "priend" and wants (for the most part) to have her play with him. I love seeing his mind working through bigger ideas than his 2-year old little self had. Ideas like, negotiation, right and wrong, and choice and accountability. I love that he has a tender heart for the feelings of others (we often don't watch shows because a baby is crying or someone is being mean to another). And I love his exuberance for the most random of things; having something in his shirt, going to and IN "Chick-a-way", watching someone else be silly or playing hide and seek. He is my Boy Howdy and I am in love.