Thursday, July 16, 2015

We are Official

After being in flux for the last three months and homeless for 6 weeks we are finally officially, again, Oregonians. In a wonderful turn of events, and something I have to contribute wholly to the hand of God, we sold our Pennsylvania house just a few hours before we bought our Oregon house. And even after taking a killing (not in a good way) on our PA house, we still have enough money to make a solid dent in what remains of our student loans and car debt.

When we first started looking at homes we knew we wanted an upgrade on our starter home. It was a great home, don't get me wrong. We loved it and 2,800 sf of livable space is no tiny house. But between the miniscule, unfenced yard, the one-car garage, and two shared walls we were ready to upgrade our budget for the next house. We thought we "deserved it". And we had a few houses we liked that met that new, more grown-up life we wanted. But then, through a twist of fate, we both ended up, feeling really good about another town home, or duplex really. Still a shared wall, still a small yard, but this house's garage is big enough for two cars and the yard is fenced. But what really sold us was the price. At $70k less than our budget it means we can get out from under our school and car loans in a big hurry. Something we both feel driven to do for ourselves and as something Heavenly Father wants for us. We felt good enough about it that we put an offer on it with only a good recommendation from our realtor. When we saw the house for the first time ourselves, we thought, "Oh-kay, this is what we felt good about huh???" But now that we have been in the house for 4 weeks, we . . . like it a lot.

So, not the post I was intending, but we are here. We are official. And we are ready to fall in love with this area just like we have with everywhere else we have lived. Hooray!!!


Boy Howdy and Cheeks are finally getting better at playing together nicely. My favorite is a big box we have from moving in that we have put all things coloring in. Cheeks still cannot be trusted with really any coloring implements so we keep them in the "coloring box." I love when Boy Howdy asks for Cheeks to come in with him. I love watching them play happily together and to want to play together. The other day, I put Cheeks in her room for quiet time and a few minutes later I saw Boy Howdy ushering her out of the room, in a very protective way, saying she was his "prend." As if he were giving her a free pass out of quiet time. Love these two.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Preggers with Dinos

Just before bed tonight we were playing with dinosaurs, but friend dinosaurs because eating each other's dinosaurs just isn't being nice. Playing with dinosaurs quickly moved from being friends and hugging to having dinosaurs in our tummies.

I love small children. I love that putting a dinosaur in your shirt immediately causes pure joy. You can tell that they can hardly contain their excitement that they are preggers with baby dinosaurs.
And of course, you can't have a pregnancy without a delivery.

 Such funny little ducks. Playing hide and seek, bubbles, dinosaurs in shirts. That is the basis of our entertainment these days. Love these babes.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

She's out of Her Crib

When we moved into our new house we knew it was time for 2 things - that the kids are ready to share a room and that Cheeks is ready to move out of her crib, more because it just didn't seem fair to keep her locked in her crib while Boy Howdy was playing around her. She is soooo excited for her new found freedom and while I think we might need to get a lock on their door, her smile when she comes out of her room (even for the fifth time or so) is pretty cute. We tell her to go back to her room she smiles so sweetly, says "otay" and moseys on back.

One night, she insisted on sleeping in her hamper. I thought it was pretty funny and thought that after playing for a little bit she would end up in her for realsies bed. Yep, nope. When I went to check on the babies before going to bed myself, I found little Cheekies on the floor in her hamper. I just couldn't resist clicking a pic before I resettled her for the evening. Love her, even if she destroys her room every night before falling asleep, I love her.