Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Odd Little Sleeper Pics

Just a few more pictures of my odd little duck of a girlie. How is this possibly comfortable for her?? I pulled off the blanket because I was curious to see her sleeping position. All suitable bed boxes have been moved out of her room to encourage sleeping in her own bed.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Day of Preschool

Wee Boy's first day ever of preschool picture. He was pretty excited. Cheeks was also pretty excited until she learned that she would be grocery shopping with me and NOT playing with all the fun toys at preschool. Sadness. 

Little story. The Friday previous Wee Boy went in to preschool to meet his teacher, see his classroom and do a get to know you activity with his classmates. This boy, who has been ACHING to go to preschool for the last forever, but especially since he started wearing undies and it became a real thing (have to be potty trained before going - love the motivating factor), was so so so excited to go meet his teacher until we walked in the door. All of a sudden he became super duper shy and wanted me with him constantly. He didn't want to join in the group activity and was so very scared at the thought of going back on Monday. When pressed he expressed concern that his teacher and his classmates were going to be mean to him and that they wouldn't let him play with playdough (he had to put it away to do the group carpet time). He didn't want me to leave him there. Matthew gave him a father's blessing for the start of the school year Sunday night. Although Boy Howdy was wiggly through the age-appropriate length blessing, it seemed to help. Monday morning came and he was all set to go. Driving over to the school, I asked him if he wanted me to come in with him for a few minutes or just drop him off. "Just drop me off mom," he said. And sure enough, we walked in and he was off to the painting station of the classroom. He hasn't looked back. Each morning he is eager to run into class. The best, though, is picking him up at the end of his day. He runs over to me with joy in his face, "You came for me!!" and gives me a big hug. It's pretty great.

Cheeks makes for an easy little errand partner. I love spending some one on one time with my chill little girl. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random Pictures from the Last Two Weeks

Nothing to report, nothing exciting, just some miscellaneous photos from the last two weeks.

Boy Howdy wanted me to take his picture which I dutifully did and then I asked him to pose next to his sister.

We have several little board books the kids have taken to reading over the past couple of days. I found them randomly sitting at the table (no meal was taking place) reading away. I could only take this photo of them engrossed before the moment was gone. Sorry for the poor snap.

I'm not sure whose idea it was to climb into the tupperware cupboard but as I was doing dishes Boy Howdy ushered Cheeks in and then, after deciding there was enough room for him too, climbed in himself. The second picture makes it look fairly roomy. It's not.