Saturday, April 30, 2016


Boy Howdy is getting to the age where he NEEDS some mama-son time. He really does love his sister and by and large they play really well together, but sometimes he just wants his mama and not his sister. Last Sunday night he was desperate for my sole attention and was becoming a bit of a disaster so I promised him a date for that Saturday, hoping to appease him. Immediately he wanted to know what we were going to do. It was almost a week in the future and I tried to put him off, saying we could talk about it in the morning. Nope, he wanted to know now what we would do. It wasn't until I said we could go out to lunch and maybe a park that he calmed down and we could move on to the rest of bedtime.
The next day he informed me he wanted to go to Red Robin and get macaroni and cheese. I was thinking slightly smaller scale, but he was adamant that he wanted to go to Red Robin and get their macaroni and cheese. This whole week he talked about it. Today, after doing our morning chores, Matthew and Cheeks went on their date while Boy Howdy and I went on ours. He was an adorable date even if he said he was too little to open my door, didn't want to talk to me in the car, and hid under the table for a portion of the time we were in the restaurant. I tried telling him this wasn't proper date behavior, but eh it's his first time. He did, however, hold my hand for most of the afternoon and was excited about all our activities claiming everything as his favorite thing ever!

Matthew and I have committed to dates with our children once a month. I'm excited for more outings with this little one.

P.S. Matthew said his date went well. They went to Chipotle and the park. I'm not sure who enjoyed the date more, Cheeks or Matthew (no pictures) but good times were had by all.