Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cheeks is Her Own Little Person

Every day I am struck with the singularity of this little one's personality. The way she flits through life with her own special enthusiasm brings me almost constant joy and amusement. Eating is one such way she often shows her unique flair. Sandwiches are often completely dismantled with peanut butter and jelly scraped out with a finger before the forlorn bread is eventually consumed. Tacos are eaten one topping at a time. 

Breakfast is no exception. On one occasion she took to threading a kebab stick with her tootie fruities. A week later she decided to dump them out onto a napkin and lap them up one by one with her tongue. 

Part of me just wants her to eat her meals without her shenanigans, and parts of me revels in the creativity with which she approaches everything she does.

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