Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

I feel I should mention on Zachary's first Christmas, he slept through half of the opening of presents and was preoccupied with the wrapping paper far more than his presents for the other half.  He's 7 months, what do you expect?

My mother on the other hand was very entertaining. For Christmas, I gave my parents some gift cards and some pictures of our family and their grandson for their wall.  Nothing terribly exciting, but I was still disappointed when she just opened the gift and didn't bother reading the card, she just thanked me for the gift and made ready for the next gift. When I called her on it, she made a cursory perusal of the card, again thanked me and again wanted to move on with things.

Somehow I knew she hadn't read it all the way through. This time I was a bit more impatient with her, at which point she complained to the group that she never seems capable of giving me the response I am looking for. What was I hoping for, she asked? I gave the card to my dad so he could read it but, without his glasses, he was just as useless. They just weren't getting it; darn them; so I offered to read the card myself. It read something to the effect of:
     Here are some gift cards for your wallet,
     Some pictures for your wall,
     And some children visiting you for your heart.
     Thank you for . . . . (it was all very cheesy)
     Love Sara and Matthew
     P.S. I'm pregnant again.

At this point, they both freaked out, gave me hugs, and went above and beyond with their congratulations. That was definitely the response I was looking for. She did great. I was so proud of her.

So yes I am pregnant. I feel crazy sometimes that Baby Marler #2 is coming just 15 months (if not sooner) after Zachary entered planet Earth, but who knew that we could make a baby on our own and for FREE! We are so excited and here's hoping we're up for the adventure. August 20th here we come!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Nativity Reenactment


Christmas Eve, my family (which at the time consisted of My oldest brother Phillip's family, my oldest sister Nichole, us, my youngest brother Paul's family, my parents and Matthew's youngest sister Megan) like many families around the world, recreated the nativity. While Matthew and I were entertained audience members, Zachary volunteered himself to play possibly the cutest sheep ever. He put in a masterful performance and I realize I am totally biased but look at that sheepy face; can you get a cuter sheep? I absolutely LOVE it!!

Overall the reenactment was a rousing success. Good job parent's for keeping the tradition alive and for having fun costumes that get everyone in the nativity mood!