Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Couldn't Resist

This morning Cheeks and I had a little photo shoot with her in one of her Christmas present outfits. The goal was to show my MIL how cute she looked in her gift, but I just couldn't resist posting them here as well. She is just too cute not to share. I love my little girl. Even if she is currently crying as she sits beside me looking for some attention. Poor thing.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Impromptu Photo Shoots are the Best

You may have noticed my child is not camera shy. He LOVES having his picture taken. Every time he even sees my camera he wants to have an impromptu photo shoot. Case in point:


Can you see the evolution of our shoot? I love it. I toyed with the idea of just adding select pictures but opted for most of them. I just couldn't resist. My favorites though are when you can see his enthusiasm waning -  the way it does for all year and a half year olds no matter how much they love the camera - and the picture at the end when Cheeks is sucking on his shirt.
What can I say - I am a mom. I love being a mom, especially if all I need to accomplish for the day is to indulge my son in some camera love.

Monday, January 6, 2014

We've Created a Thumb Sucker

In hopes of helping our sweet Cheeks sleep through the night, we decided that she was becoming too addicted to her pacifier. It came to a head one night when she woke up every hour searching for her paci. The husband and I made the decision to take away the pacifier to see how she would handle it. That very night, she slept a BEAUTIFUL 12 hours. Ah sweet relief. After a trying month of sleep training, this was heaven sent. Even better was the week's worth of similar beauty. But oh, dilemma, I think we have created a thumb-sucker.