Friday, April 17, 2015

Best Friend's Day Out

This girl. How I have loved this girl over the last three years. My dear friend moved to the Allentown area the same time we did. . . .

Okay, I've been trying for a while to express my feelings for this woman who has become my best friend (after Matthew); something I haven't had since . . . a really long time. Question. Why is it hard for adults to admit they have Best Friends? Is it just me? Am I that socially awkward? What was even more awkward was admitting to her that she was my best friend, while hoping she would admit the same but trying really hard to be ok if she didn't feel the same. Holy Smokes, adult friendships are hard. But my friendship with her was/is anything but.

My dear Malesa is kind, funny, genuine, honest, and our friendship was ALWAYS uplifting, entertaining and full of mutual admiration. And since, like I said, she is the best friend (after Matthew) I've had in a long time, it was only fair that we spend a day together moseying around NYC before I left town, for what may or may not be forever. We considered seeing a Broadway show but decided it would cut into our chatting time so we opted for walking, shopping, walking, the Guggenheim, walking, and Indian Food. There may have been some more walking in there too, oh and lots and lots of talking, 12 hours of it!!!
So while I am excited to move and have new experiences; and while I am sad to be leaving Wegmans and my house, my ward and other dear friends, I am most sad to be leaving this girl right here. Thankfully our husbands like each other so hopefully joint family vacations may be in our future.
P.S. I may have wept bitter tears the day we said goodbye.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Job for Matthew

In the past year, Matthew's Company has gone through some major upheaval. Before it happened Matthew started to feel like he needed a change to his job and started looking for new positions in new departments but once the restructurings began, any movement became almost impossible. As such he applied to anything he could, either within the company or outside, should the Company decide his job should be eliminated. He applied to a job in Oregon with a new Company several months ago and all but forgot he had applied to it since he didn't hear anything back. Then about six weeks ago this new Company came back and started interviewing him. From the beginning I felt like this was the job for him and my heart started getting set on moving so close to so many of either of our families. Today I can officially announce that Matthew has accepted the position and will start sometime in May. Matthew is surprised at his reluctance to leave and I am just as surprised at my excitement to leave. A few months ago I really wanted to stay but now I would be completely heartbroken if something fell through and we remained. We will put our house on the market this weekend and hopefully our house will sell quickly since we have so short a time before we leave. Heaven help us.