Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Boy Howdy Loves his Friend

Boy Howdy will tell anyone his best friend is Charlotte. She is a sweet girl who's mom is a good friend of mine. Hopefully they will be in the same Kindergarten class this fall, because I am pretty sure it will help his attendance motivation 100 fold. Boy Howdy LOVES this girl. I don't know that he thinks of her romantically, but he loves to make cards for her and, the last time we went to the park, he made a whole box of of cards and flowers to give to her. This boy. And this card (he delivered it to her this evening with the cutest grin on his face through the whole exchange). Be still my heart. In case it's not obvious, the card is a picture of them holding hands under a blue sky holding balloons. I love it. I hope this bodes well for when he gets married.

A week later, Boy Howdy received a card from Charlotte. "Zachary is the Best". He certainly is. But her artwork far outshines his. Like not even on the same level. But the sentiment is the same, and I am glad that 1. She reciprocates his friendship and 2. She will hopefully be in Boy Howdy's class this fall. Oh cute friendships. I try not to think about the crushes I started having at this age. Eeek. I'm pretty sure I had marriage schemes already with the neighbor boy. We'll just hope that this affection is purely platonic . . . for the next 15 years!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Boy Howdy Prays

I don't know what other parent's experiences are with teaching their children to pray, but for us, it's been a bit rocky. Despite our best attempts, they have not caught on to the joy of talking to their Heavenly Father the way we had hoped. But . . . they are making good steps into meaningful prayer. Boy Howdy especially has grown so much in the past month. I love hearing his pleas in behalf of himself and his family. He is so thoughtful in how he prays for his loved ones. And what's better, is that he will often ask the spokesperson for a given prayer to remember specific things in their prayer - to help Cheeks feel better, or that his owies will not hurt anymore. Hearing their sweet voices addressing our Heavenly Father has warmed this mother's heart. I am not as hip to their growing up as I thought I would be, but I do love watching them grow and mature in their understanding of spiritual things.

We are still learning though. e.g. Today, during church, Boy Howdy asked what a testimony was. I explained that a testimony is a statement of what we believe. I mentioned that I believe in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Boy Howdy said he believed in himself.