Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Sledding

Right before Thanksgiving we were hit with about 6 inches of snow. We had my parents and sister's family up for Thanksgiving and so the snow made for a very fun Black Friday activity. Due to an unsuccessful attempt at going down the hill in our backyard on cardboard on Thursday afternoon, we broke down and got a real sled later that night. Tested it out, yep, so much better. Nichole's son and Wee Boy definitely felt the rush, Cheeks - not so much. In fact I don't think she ever really bounced back. She endured being outside, but due to her limited mobility with so much extra clothing on, and the cold, and a hat that kept going srewywampus on her, she didn't have the most fun ever.

Soon the deck became a serious downfall to sledding safely in the backyard and we moved the festivities to our local firestation with a much better hill and tons more room to slow down safely. 

Cheeks was still not catching the vision of sledding but she was more or less patient with it all. 

 Wee Boy, on the other hand, thought it all the most fun ever.

 He loved it all except having to walk back up the hill. Poor boy. I made him walk back up on his own steam while Matthew carried him. Sucker.

Nichole's son and Grandpa also had a marvelous time. It's just too bad we only had one sled and Grandpa did not come well equipped for sledding. Can you just see the look of enthusiasm in that little boy's face. It really should be his middle name.

And then, of course, we took the opportunity to get our family picture taken. It probably won't hang on our wall, but we are pretty cute in our matching outfits (weird how that happened). It totally makes us look way more sporty and outdoorsy than we really are. But from our family to yours this Holiday Season 2014, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TBT Diary post - 1/18/91

Does anyone keep a journal. I am not a super consistent journal writer, but I have had a diary (though journal sounds more grown up) since I was 11. Going back and reading it has made me cringe. . . a lot, laugh, marvel that anyone makes it through puberty sane, and grateful that I never have to live those years again - except maybe through my kids which just might prove worse. Thankfully I have quite a few years before puberty hits my house so for now I get to reminisce.

A little context, I am 11 years old and in the sixth grade at Mokapu Elementary School on Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station (KMCAS) in Hawaii.

Diary, O.k. First of all, last week I dumped Shawn G. (I think we "went out" for a week or two which consisted of nothing other than telling our friends that we were "going out") Then Stephanie asked if we were going together and [he] was all like I'm glad we broke up and started acting tough and then today Tony C. his friend had to call me and ask me if I wanted to go to Shawn's party. How dumb. I don't understand boys at all. Oh well I'm still little. I've got a lot to learn. (Oh little one, you have no idea.) Mom bought some movies. Right now we have about 50 movies. Most are Betas. Today was so boring. Amber wasn't home. Cara was busy all day and Megan was being a pain so I couldn't play with her. Well gotta go.
Bye, Love Sara
P.S. I love my life but I'm confused.

A couple thoughts. 1. These two friends, Amber and Cara, play a major role in my diary during my 6th grade year. Apparently we fought A LOT. There is even an entry where I lament that I am too weak-willed to stay mad at these friends for the forever that I mean at the time. 2. Megan (my sister) is also a big component of my entries. We are a year and a week apart in age and were childhood best friends and worst enemies. Somehow though poor sister generally only gets maligned in my diary. 4. I love how innocent of an 11-year old I was. Are children this age still so innocent? I sure hope so, though I fear many aren't. How very sad. 3. I miss Beta movies and I love how proud I seemed to be of our budding collection.

Okay that's it. Nothing profound, just a funny little diary entry about my little life as a child.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stake Conference - Toddler style

First off, let me just say that Stake Conference is like going to church but instead of coercing my child into a seat for an hour until he/she can play, it is two. My children can be wrangled for an hour but after that it starts getting a bit dicey. As such I doubled my church bag and armed myself with snacks, my tablet, basically anything they wouldn't normally get in church but I'm desperate, so I cave. All in all it went pretty well. Either child only needed to be taken out for ten or fifteen minutes max. We did lose all the contents of a milk cup, that was sad on multiple levels. And I think a crayon may have gone astray as well. Not too terribly bad when all is said and done, and yet I still left feeling a little shell-shocked. I didn't leave feeling spiritually enriched so much as relieved I had survived two hours in a confined space with two active toddlers. I love my babies. Really I do, but I'm hoping that stake conference, and church to some extent, will soon stop feeling like a three-ring circus and eventually transition back to a beacon of peace and fellowship. Until then, at least they're cute those babes of mine and they know where my priorities lie. Somehow it does make it all easier.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Online Quote Board

Stuff I never thought I'd here myself say:

11/1/14 - "You only get to watch one thing, “Plan of Salvation" or "Pound Puppies"."