Friday, June 28, 2013

Boys and Tools

Watching my two boys work on their tools together is just too cute, I can hardly stand it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Strawberry Patch

Years ago when I was single and checking friends' blogs I couldn't help thinking that all they did was go fruit picking with their beautiful children perfectly posed in idyllic settings. Today I had my first dose of fruit picking. Yeah, Wee Boy wouldn't pose and it was less than idyllic, but it was memorable all the same.

I met up with some friends this morning to pick strawberries at a local Mennonite farm. The farm and the weather were totally idyllic. I got there a little early and started picking with Wee Boy sitting on the ground beside me. At first he started crying when I would walk away to forage for berries, but soon he stopped and I kept picking. When I finally looked over to see how he was faring, I saw his face, hands and knees dripping with strawberry juice. From then on it was a cycle of him eating red, green, or mushy strawberries (completely whole mind you) I would take them away and he would start crying. Every now and again he would amuse himself with simply playing in the dirt or sitting in his stroller. During those times I would pick as fast as I could. Then another cycle of eating and crying would start all over again. My other two friends had similarly less than idyllic experiences with their own children and I thought, this is what my friends' blogs don't share - children eating what they shouldn't, picking the bad fruit, and being less than admirable little child laborers. It was really fairly amusing when all was said and done and I'll probably go back, but maybe not next summer when I'll have another almost 1-year old to contend with.

 But at least I got all sorts of beautiful strawberry freezer jam out of the experience.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Weeks Prego

My mother recently complained that I am not posting enough pictures of this most recent pregnancy with Bitty Girl. I am happy to say that I look just about the same as I did with Wee Boy, the only difference being location. But I figured I should post a picture all the same. If for no other reason, than to have an excuse to mention the following:
  1. I feel bad for this pregnancy. My pregnancy with Wee Boy was exciting and every tremor I felt was eagerly anticipated and followed. I looked forward to growing and seeing my body change. This poor babe has not received the same reception, especially when it comes to her kicking around inside me. I still enjoy it, but it's just not the same. In fact, sometimes the movement starts making me feel a touch queasy. Sad, huh? I blame the lack of pure joy I had with Wee Boy on basically being pregnant for two years straight. In fact, this past Mother's Day, I made a pact to myself to not be pregnant next year.
  2. I am more excited about the addition of Bitty Girl than I was with Wee Boy. I love my boy to pieces but for most of my pregnancy with him, I was either nervous something bad was going to happen to extend my infertility trial or I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy motherhood. While I worry about all the work two babies will be, I am more confident this time around that I will enjoy the experience and my sweet little girl just as much as I have my sweet boy. That and I am just so excited and grateful for my Free Baby!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marler Family Vacation 2013

Every couple of years, Matthew's family gets together at Disney World for a family vacation. This time around I just so happened to be 7 months pregnant and Wee Boy was one-year old. Not the most ideal circumstances for a trip to DW but it was good to be with Matthew's family nonetheless. We didn't do much riding rides, unless you count "It's a Small World" and "Aladdin's Carpet Ride" but we did give Wee Boy some exposure to some adoring grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and an auntie.
I was impressed with the child's stamina and his fortitude in the face of hours of kickin' it in his stroller as we wound our way through the parks. And Matthew, not to be outshone, was a pillar of fatherhood, I was so pleased. Really, I couldn't have been happier with my little family.

Waiting for the bus to come. Sorry to my BIL for cropping him out of our little family picture.

Indulging my MIL with an obligatory picture in front of Epcot's iconic golf ball.

One day, Matthew and his father decided to make the trip out to Cape Canaveral to see the Kennedy Space Center. Wee Boy and I decided to tag along. Not bad KSC, not bad. The Center's only "ride" which is a simulated rocket launch was verboten for Wee Boy and me, but that didn't stop me from getting some proof that 1. Wee Boy is indeed too short for this ride but 2. he is definitely NASA material.

Just before the ride they take pictures of everyone to superimpose their heads in space suits and make a little extra dough afterwards. We were about to walk away from them all, when we saw this picture and were instantly hooked. How can you say no to memorializing your child in a space suit when they are this cute?
It just so happened that the day before when we were celebrating his birthday, I was telling Matthew that I felt we needed to get something to commemorate Wee Boy's first trip to DW but that I didn't want to buy something for the sole purpose of just having something. Thank you Space Center. Problem Solved.

A few days later, we were DW'ed out and ready to make our way home, but I think I can safely call the trip a success. Family was seen, vacation was taken, and memories were made. Thank you Father and Mother Marler.