Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Cake Pictures

The morning of Wee Boy's birthday was super rainy, so instead of making our way straight to Disney World's Magic Kingdom, we moved the party inside and used the opportunity to send him through the right of passage of eating his personal birthday cake sans utensils. He was a bit tentative at first, but he soon got the hang of it. And soon he REALLY got the hang of it. Color me a proud mother.

After presents and cake, the weather cleared up and the rest of the day was spent on rides Wee Boy could do. I'm not sure how much thrill he got out of "It's a Small World" but he at least had lots to hold his attention. In fact, I'm pretty sure he had more fun playing in the bark when we let him down to roam around than anything else we saw. Ah C'est la vie. Disney World with a 1-year old. I'm sure the next time Matthew's family gets together for Disney, Wee Boy and hopefully Bitty Girl will get a little more out of the experience.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wee Boy is Almost One

Holy Smokes my Wee Baby is now a Wee Boy. I can't say this past year has flown past but it is a little crazy to see just how far we've both come. This child is smiley, always moving, is extremely curious and determined, is developing a mind of his own (he protests loudly when you've taken something away and forcibly pushes food out of the way when he doesn't want it), is a mighty squawker, and is on the cusp on walking though, as is evident by the above pictures, crawling is still definitely the preferred mode of transportation. He still adores his mama, but thank heavens he has learned that pops has his benefits too.

As for me, I am have learned that I have more maternal instincts than I thought and I enjoy being mama and hanging out on the floor with the boy baby. We have fairly low expectations for what needs to get done around the house in a given week, so for now I have lots of time to spend sitting playing and watching him learn and grow. Here's to another year filled with lots more accomplishments and figuring out a new foursome dynamic. Somehow I get the feeling that Wee Boy and Bitty Girl will be fast friends.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Real Mother's Day

My first real Mother's Day and how do I want to celebrate, by abdicating all motherly responsibilities for the morning before church started. I felt a little bad, but my own darling mother assured me that this is the dream of most mamas. Thankfully, Matthew had no morning meetings so he was free to get baby up, fed and dressed while I had time for such luxuries as curling my hair. Thank you to my sweet husband who manfully served his lazy (for today) wife!

And thank you to my own sweet mother who continues to provide the comfort, strength and nurturing that somehow only a mother can give. She is always there to assure me I'm not crazy, I can do it (no matter what "it" seems to be), I'm wonderful and special, and that not only does God love me, but she will always love me just the same as when I was a wee little girl. Apparently this mothering thing lasts a lifetime. Who knew? I love you my dearest mother.

Zachary's Friends

While Zachary is wary adults - I think he worries they are going to take him away from me - he seems fascinated by other children. Further trips to the park, has shown that he prefers watching the other kids play than to play himself. And while I can't get him to sit still on his own, when he is with other children, especially his friend his Asa who is not yet mobile, he will sit calmly. I love it. Hopefully he will be more social than either Matthew or I were. And hopefully he will be good with his little sister. Fingers crossed.

These pictures were taken today at church in the hallway with some other moms of like-aged children who find attending Sunday School as tricksters as I do.
I love this picture. Somehow it makes Wee Boy look like a "wild and crazy guy."

These babies were so entertaining to watch steal each other's pacies, grab at each other's little bodies and just hang out together. It's just too bad that two of them will be gone within the next couple of months. Poor dudikas will have to make all new friends. Sad.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Smoothie Time

As I was feeding the Wee Boy a PB&J sandwich the other day a friend of mine asked at what point I introduced him to peanuts. Um, yeah, I have been really bad about waiting a year until introducing my child to some of my favorite things, i.e. all things food. Thankfully he hasn't broken out in any allergic reactions because this child has had all things from spiced up chicken tikka masala to pickles (which he loves) to all the common allergy foods; eggs, peanut butter, bread, ice cream. 
But his new favorite food is smoothies. It's become the preferred after dinner treat. I feel like this is teaching a few valuable life lessons. 1. Sucking through a straw. Definitely going to be useful to him throughout his life. 2. Taking turns. Matthew gets his own glass, but Wee Boy and I generally share. Wee Boy takes a turn then mom takes a turn and so forth. So helpful to learn sharing now before Bitty Girl comes on the scene. Because as we all know, "Sharing means caring!". A side benefit to sharing is also the reduced occurrence of brain freezes.
I feel like these pictures show his "all business" side along with his "yea for smoothies" side.

And then there's the sad face which quickly devolves into crying face when my turn is taking a little longer than anticipated or because I am too busy taking his picture to give the smoothie back to him.

But once said smoothie is returned, all is again right with the world. 
Happy Summering everyone!!