Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wee Boy 0, Dryer 1, Matthew 1

I think I have mentioned before that Wee Boy likes to play in and around our dryer. Matthew is appalled by this. I am less than enthused but it is not a battle I am willing to fight with my child. His sister has also started climbing in, thinking it the most fun game. They were taking turns climbing in and out the other day while I was in Wee Boy's room putting away laundry when I heard the dryer turn on accompanied by some loud clunking that could only be my small child's body. I ran to his aid, opened the door and pulled a very stunned and kind of scared little boy out. We sat while he cried into my lap that he was hurt and his sister had done the nefarious deed. Poor boy. I'm pretty sure he knows not to turn the dryer on while his sister is inside. She, on the other hand, has not grasped that safety concept. Thankfully, I think that the lesson Matthew has been trying to drive home that children get hurt when they play in dryers was heard and taken to heart. No casualties or long-term damage. Just a child who is a little more wary of the dryer thanks to his kind-hearted sister.