Sunday, July 2, 2017

Evening Play Time

When we moved to Oregon two years ago we decided it was time the children start sharing a room. And for the last two years we have had the benefit of listening to them play until they finally put themselves to bed. (I should note that we do an official bedtime routine, but after that they are free to stay up as long as they want so far as they stay upstairs and don't kill each other.) 

They aren't always as charitable towards each other as we would like, but by and large they are good friends. The games we hear played (via the baby monitor) are often completely endearing. In the last few months, they have started asking to be able to sleep in the guest room. Matthew is concerned about the habit, but hey, they aren't asking to sleep with us and they don't make a fuss when we actually have a guest to utilize the space. Often Boy Howdy will sleep here and Cheeks will eventually make her way to her own bed, but it always amuses me when I catch them sleeping side by side or with one on the floor.

We recently had Matthew's father for a visit and he mentioned that they will always remember these nights playing together. I certainly hope they do. I know I will.

P.S. A month or so ago, Boy Howdy was going through a phase of being particularly cruel to his sister. One night he was inviting her to have a sleep over in the lego (guest) room with him but she was rebuffing his efforts. She was trying to go to sleep in her own bed and didn't want to go along with his amusements. I went upstairs to check on them because both were sobbing. Cheeks because she just wanted to be left alone and Boy Howdy because she wouldn't listen to his invitation. Somehow amidst it all, I found myself sobbing as well. Crying that my boy was, for once, actually making an effort to be nice and his little heart was broken over his rejection. Oh how I hope they will always be close.

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